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Riddles of the Regent

An investigation into a spree of grisly murders unites three misfit heroes against a nefarious cult seeking to unleash unfathomably dark forces on the earth. When Queen Amelia of Tavylon dies, Prince Trystan Sterling struggles to fulfil his mother's dying wish, riddling out her most perplexing project, an exercise which serves to open his eyes to the Kingdom's deep seated prejudices. Finnegan Teague, a Celestial Scholar, works desperately to convince his colleagues that imminent danger looms on the horizon if they can't clear their Sight, the means by which they intuit the future. Captain Arabelle Hale, of the royal Silver Guard, defies orders to drop a line of inquiry and finds herself suddenly enmeshed in the machinations of a wicked cabal with a terrifying amount of access to the government.

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