E. S. Smyth is the author of Riddles of the Regent and The Prometheus Tree.

The past is known, objectively. The present, while subject to change, is still nebulous, wavering in the fickle currents of circumstance... The future, however, is brimming with possibilities both wondrous and frightening.
— Finnegan Teague

About the Author

E. S. Smyth was raised in Kalamazoo, Michigan and later moved to Phoenix, Arizona. Always a storyteller even as a child, there were many nights he’d spend scribbling in notebooks into the wee hours of the morning. What began as a passing interest in writing stories blossomed over time into a genuine love of well made, compelling stories that transport the reader far away from reality.

At the age of seventeen, he finished his first complete novel, The Midas Project. Over the following years, he’s completed a number of smaller personal projects, working continuously at sharpening his own skills as a writer. In November of 2016 he completed The Prometheus Tree, which he self-published through Amazon KDP. 

Writing has been an avenue of expression for E. S. over the years that few other joys have afforded him. He aspires one day to share his work on an even larger scale. In upcoming works, he delves into his thoughts on prejudice, perception, and social responsibility.