It's been years since I've kept a regular journal so I'll use this medium to record my thoughts. 

Ironically, or, perhaps as a direct result, I'd say my internal dialogue is louder than ever in my life in the past twelve months. In many ways we live in a time which is louder than ever before, everyone sharing opinions, some true and others divorced from truth. In other ways, however, we are so thoroughly partitioned from one another that there is nowhere to feel safe speaking comfortably for fear of backlash. Don't get me wrong, in most instances, the backlash is well warranted, certainly so in the case of those who are incapable of empathizing with the plight of those with less privilege than themselves and absolutely in the case of those who use power to harm others.

I think much of this problem stems from the inability to comprehend consequence. There's something to the American ideal, a treacherous dichotomy that teaches 'you can say anything you want...' but fails to teach what happens next. To be sure, as American's you can say whatever you want, the fundamental principle: Freedom of Speech, but you must face the consequences of those actions and words. That accountability is what's missing from the American lesson and at the root of so much frustration nowadays from older generations who are struggling to express themselves in this changing world.

I think this is what keeps me writing in the fiction genre. People in general, no matter their background or political leanings, are adept in the modern age of technology at perfectly curating their social experience so that they experience offense and disagreement with their worldview as infrequently as possible. I don't think that's so psychologically healthy, to be perfectly honest. We should be capable of civil disagreement with people that remains respectful, but we're at a state in which we disagree so fundamentally that each argument boils down to a debate of principal viewpoints.

There are objective universal truths. All people are equal. Love is love. Sexual assault is evil. Masculinity is toxic. Capitalism will eat us all.

We are stronger together than divided. We must learn how to speak to each other again.